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Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Citronella Candles (Wedding Decor)

I can't remember where I found the instructions for these and I have yet to test their mosquito repelling abilities, but they did turn out looking really great! 

Empty jars / tin cans 
wax (I ordered some online, but ended up just melting old candles because it was more cost effective)
100% Pure Citronella Oil ( I also added tea tree oil and eucalyptus) 
super glue 
candle wicks 
double boiler 

Melt wax in double boiler and add citronella oil. I think a few drops per candle will suffice, I probably used about six shakes per candle. 

First, super glue the wicks into the clean empty jars and wait for them to dry. 

Pour in wax. 

Tada! Do it yourself candles for our summer night Florida wedding coming up in July!! 

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