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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Disposable Wedding Cameras

This project turned out surprisingly well.
 I ordered ten disposable cameras on Ebay (I'm a fan of surprises with film, so hopefully the photos will turn out alright). The paper designs on the camera were not quite my style, so I borrowed from a tutorial on and improvised. 

Supplies Needed: 
Disposable Camera Camera
Exacto blade 
Card stock 8.5" x 11" (I printed damask, floral, and antique Florida advertisements on this card stock)
Clear Packing Tape 
Artist's Tape (or masking tape) 
(I didn't really use the ruler) 

*Note: On the first camera I just cut the paper as-is and folded it up around the camera. It looked pretty nice, but after that I started to sort of laminate each sheet with packing tape, careful to avoid bubbles, and they looked WAY better. 

Carefully take the outer packaging off the camera. 

Place the camera packaging on your paper and hold it down with a bit of rolled tape underneath. Using artist's tape will prevent it from tearing any paper, but masking tape or scotch tape would probably work just as well. 
Trace the packaging onto your sheet of paper. Place the two so that the designs both face the same direction. 

I found that it made things easier to mark the folds as I peeled the layers apart. As I pulled up one fold, I marked it with pencil, and then used the dull edge of my exacto blade to make a perforated mark where each fold would be. 

Fold the paper around the camera, secure with more packing tape, and tadaa! 
I now have ten unique wedding decorations that guests can actually use at the reception! 

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