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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY tank made of vintage bedsheets and pillowcases

I'm obviously not the most talented tailor in the world, and a pretty lazy photographer while we're at it, but my first attempt at sewing a DIY tank top turned out surprisingly well! 

I made the neck and straps first with muslin. 

The front and back are floral old printed bedsheets from a thrift store and the sides are floral printed pillowcases. 

I also added this reproduction of the The Unicorn in Captivity (from the Unicorn tapestries in the Cloisters) as a sweet back patch.  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a great piece of speculation on the concept of the unicorn captive.  Its thought to represent the beloved tamed; it could easily escape the tiny fence however chooses to remain happily eating pomegranates and surrounded by visual references to marriage and fertility. 

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