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Monday, June 3, 2013

Vintage 1970s & 1980s Novelty Postcards and Greeting Cards

I recently acquired a collection of several hundred vintage postcards, birthday, valentine's, christmas, and other novelty cards. Here are a few scans, it's a fabulous collection to say the least. 

1979 Twilight Studios

Dennis Mukai 1983 "Eye Wish" Nosecard

Robert LaSenna

1979 Fiorucci grand opening party invitation

Tiber Press NYC

John Batho - Editions Mille

1978 Harry Hamburg "Welcome to the Pines" Key West, FL

"The Alligators are Coming!" Rabanne & Rabbane model: Richard Pace

Jacques Alexander "Pink Legs" 1982, Holland

"Some Boys" Buerkholts

"Bette" Diane Teska Harris 1980

"Pink Vinyl, Yucatan" From the American Journal by Jack Miller

"I Love Summer, or, In the Old Days I Would Have Walked a Mile for a Cigarette..." Joel Resnicoff 1980 (gold glitter sunglasses!)

A few are up for sale in the Vintage Jenee Davis Etsy Shop!

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