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Friday, April 26, 2013

Navy Blue 1960s Swimsuit

I found this incredible navy blue swimsuit recently and I wish I could figure out who made it. It has a low scoop and slight v-neck with a white bow in the middle, white stripes lining the top and bottom, and elastic around the bust with plastic cups sewn in (giving it that classic torpedo boob we all strive for, I guess). The cut is almost straight across the leg and it also has a low back.

The only tags say “Made in Western Germany” and Helanca Antron which is the type of nylon it’s made from. The Coxsackie Antique Center claims that the use of Western instead of West in the tag was only from 1950 - 1954, but through a trademark search I found that Antron wasn’t patented until 1960 by DuPont. Helanca fell out of fashion in the late 60s and early 70s when new materials like spandex were introduced. So I’m guessing it was made sometime between 1960 and 1965

I freaking love this bathing suit! If you have seen the same one somewhere else, please pass along that information!

Kennedy, Sarah. The Swimsuit : A History of Twentieth-century Fashions. London, Carlton Books, 2010.

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